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Grow your Business

Provides business and advisory solutions.

Mediation & Negotiation

Provide advice on conflict resolution strategies.

Strategic Planning

For new and existing businesses.

The Team

Alec English B.A MURP J.D

Alec is the principal of Duvare. He has fifteen years business experience with ventures in agribusiness and manufacturing  and  holds three University degrees with the most relevant being a Juris Doctor law degree (Bond 2006)  which incorporates the  business/corporate law stream. Having done the business stream within the  law degree he is able to use it when dealing with legal issues for clients in his capacity as a Business Consultant.

He specializes in Strategic Plans, Business Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mediation, Negotiation, and has an interest in Property, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Mining, Infrastructure, Forestry and Solar Energy.







Several  people with specializations are employed  on a part time basis and  add depth to the advice we provide.


A network of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, marketers and financiers act as valuable connections to support our  services.


Business Structure

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Strategic Planning

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Business Management

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Export Promotion

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